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Influenza vaccine

Influenza vaccine

Influenza Vaccine (split virion, inactivated), Suspension for injection, pre-filled syringe is licensed for the prophylaxis of influenza, especially in those groups who run an increased risk of associated complications. The use of Influenza Vaccine (split virion, inactivated) should be based on official recommendations.

Dosage and administration:

  • Adults and children from 5 years: 0.5 ml
  • For children aged less than 9 years, who have not previously been vaccinated, a second dose should be given after an interval of at least 4 weeks

Immunisation should be carried out by intramuscular or deep subcutaneous injection.

Due to an increased risk of febrile convulsions, Influenza Vaccine (split virion, inactivated) is not authorised for use in children aged under 5 years.

Each 0.5 ml dose contains 15 micrograms of each of three purified influenza virus antigens prepared from the strains of influenza virus that comply with the WHO recommendations (northern hemisphere) and EU decision for the current season.

A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1) pdm09 – like strain (A/Singapore/GP1908/2015, IVR-180A) 

A/Singapore/INFIMH-16-0019/2016 (H3N2) - like strain (A/Singapore/INFIMH-16-0019/2016, IVR-186) 

B/Colorado/06/2017 – like strain (B/Maryland/15/2016, wild type) 

Summary of Product Characteristics can be found on electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC).